Teaching Cropped Ears to Stand
~ by Deb Stover


Dr. Scholl's Mole Foam(not mole skin)
Skin Bond surgical glue(from medical supply)
tape...I prefer Sports Tape or any of the white cloth tapes sold in drug stores. The mole foam comes in a rectangular piece like the diagram below:

1. cut the mole foam on the diagonal
2. peel the sticky backing off and bring the two bottom corners together producing a cone shape.

3. paint glue on the inside of the ear leather
4. paint glue on the back of the mole foam and around the bottom front (where the two pieces form the base
5. easily place the mole foam down in the ear to the little knob and pull the ear up straight.

6. don't stretch the ear, just pull it up like it would be standing naturally.
7. wrap the ears in tape over night....not taped together.. just each one wrapped from base to tip.
8. take tape off next morning and don't worry about it until the foam comes out in about 2-3 weeks.

This works much better than the old tampon applicator method. The tampons would rub sores, get real dirty and cause discomfort to the puppies. The mole foam is soft but rigid enough to hold the ear vertical and it allows the ears to be used independently of each other.

You can also use the foam tubing you put around doors and cracks in your home in place of the mole foam. This can be purchased at any hardware store with the insulation materials. It comes in 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch sizes.

The mole foam works great for large breeds until the pupsters around 9 weeks old. The mole foam isn't long enough for long ears once they pass this age. That's where the foam tubing comes in handy for the big guys.

Once the ears are standing we'll have an occasional tip that wants to curl over. You can take a single piece of tape and tape flat over the tip of the ear to help straighten that out also. Or if one ears wants to fall over at the base you can wrap a single ear at the base to help teach that to stand.

Vitamin C also helps a lot getting ears up early on. It's best to get the ears up before puppy starts to teeth if possible. How quick a puppie's ears stand depends on several factors; ear set, how thick or thin the ear leather itself is, the length and most importantly the age when the ears are cropped.

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