The Canine Collection of Poems

The Dream

I lay down bleeding, bruised, and sore - broken spirit, just like before.
Can't he see my pain, my fright? I want to play, and love - not fight.
I see his hand as it comes down, and as he speaks I can hear his frown.
I shrink down closer to the floor, but I know just what ís in store.
I whimper softly, though in vain. My punishment - a four foot chain.
Left outside for seven days. No food, no water, eyes that glaze.
I rest my eyes, close them tight, trying to forget my plight.
As I open them again, there is no grass, there is no chain.
I see your hand as it comes down, to pat my head, call me a clown.
You laugh and tell me how I snore, then you hug me, and pat me more.
"It was only a dream!" I think with a sigh, and thank the big man up in the sky.
The pain I endured, it led you to me, and FINALLY "I" am a part of a "WE".
My heart beats "I love you". I hope you can hear it. There ís not many out there that can mend a broken spirit.

Author Unknown

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