The Canine Collection of Poems

Best Breed

"But why", said I, "is your dog best?" The Poodle owner smiled, "You've heard is said, they do not shed, so they're better than the rest."

The Border Collie owner, shook his head to disagree, "Intelligence is the best of traits, and my dog is smart as he can be!"

The Afghan owner soon chimed in, and said so haughtily, "The regal carriage of my breed makes it best for all to see."

The Doberman's owner laughed, "You're way off track" said he, "My dog can guard my home and hearth and always protects me."

The wee Cairn Terriers owner, talked about it's loyalty. She then shared a touching story about the Cairn, "Grey Friar's Bobby."

The Golden's owner next stepped up, saying "A loving dog's for me." "This breed is best, for it gives it's love, so unconditionally!"

"My dog's a ball of fire, Jack Russell's bound with energy." "That's why this breed is the best at sports and excels in agility!"

"When it comes to taking orders, you all surely agree, That my Shepherd at obedience trials, always does the job for me!"

"My Malamute can pull a sleigh" said his owner with a grin. "In carting competitions we are guaranteed to win."

"So, what makes your dog special?" Soon all eyes turned to me, They're right, thought I, their dogs are great, I couldn't disagree.

I felt, there isn't just one trait, that can describe my breed. It doesn't shed, like a Poodle, and is Collie smart indeed.

It's loving, loyal, and elegant, when it walks here by my side, In obedience, agility and carting, I can look on with pride.

If a stranger ever threatened, it would be the last time that he tried, My dog I thought, can do it all, and I looked at her and smiled.

There were so many other things, I could have told them all, Like how this breed can track and search, play frisbee and flyball.

Or how they're used for therapy, or the clownish way they act. How the antics they get up to can always make me laugh.

Instead I smiled politely, and gave my girl a pat, They may not understand, I thought, that a dog can do all of that.

"It's hard to put in words," I said, "I don't know where to start." "A Giant Schnauzer" simply put, "Is the breed that owns my heart."

--Elizabeth Turner--

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