The Canine Collection of Poems

A Little Pug's Prayer
By Sandie Levine
In Honor of Suki and In Memory of Little Dude

I知 so longing for someone to call my own,
Dear God, please give me a forever home.
I want to give nose licks to children and play,
Please tell me, Dear God, can today be the day?
I知 alone in this cage, so hungry and scared
Dear God, if I could just have someone who cared
Enough to take me away from this place
I値l lavish Puggie kisses all over her face.
I know if she saw me so broken and sad
She壇 cry and hold me and I壇 be so glad
To be loved and bathed, given good food to eat
And maybe an occasional special treat.
I pray for a gentle hand on my head,
Kind words and please, Lord, a soft warm bed.
My eyes are infected and my skin is so sore.
But my tail still curls and I can do the Puggie snore.
Surely my new Mommy would see through the hurt and pain
That I知 still beautiful on the inside and
That my wait for her has not been in vain.
I still have my big heart so loyal and true.
With so much love to give to one or a few.
My babies are gone now, they took them all away.
Lord, is there some reason why I still have to stay
In this prison where I知 lonely, in pain and so cold?
Can I please know love, just once before I知 old?
Dear God, if you can hear me from so far up above,
Please send me my forever family to love.

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