The Canine Collection of Poems

I Wanted You To Know..
By: Susan Powell

I wanted you to know what happened to the dog you didn’t want anymore...
You said you were sorry as you rushed out the door.
She was old and grey and over weight.
Her chances of adoption were not her fate.
I wanted you to know that she waited for you everyday.
She stood in the yard, and oh how she bayed.
The sadness in her eyes broke my heart.
I was sure she never thought that you would part.
I wanted you to know I took her home.
I gave her love and new place to roam.
She was by far the best dog we’ve ever had.
But she really didn’t treat us like mom and dad.
I wanted you to know I think she was still waiting for you.
This home life was great, but maybe too new.
Nothing familiar, nothing the same,
I wasn’t sure if she’d ever get over the pain.
I wanted you to know she finally overcame her fears,
She stayed with our family for four more years.
To us she was beautiful, and to friends she was sweet,
She took the heart of everyone she would meet.
I wanted you to know that today she died,
I was with her, I never left her side.
I knew in my heart when she reached the end,
That I gave her comfort, I really was her friend.

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