The Canine Collection of Poems

I Want to be a Whippet

Bless the noble Whippet hound
Sharp in swiftness, sight and sound

holds above him all his pride
Mighty Greyhound step aside

Who dares challenge the Whippet hound?
One knows he is perfection bound

Tri-colour, parti colour, black mask red
A fearless hunter where e'er he tread

Canine king or canine queen
the whippet's beauty plainly seen

by one who knows a touch of class
and one who loves a run in grass

You're wild as wind and calm as sea
Could I be you and you be me?

I wish I was a Whippet hound
Of course, to be a Whippet hound

copyright 1976. reprinted with permission

Author, Barbara McClarty
copyright © 1997. reprinted with permission.

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