The Canine Collection of Poems

How Much Did I Make?

The litter was gorgeous and well should it be
The dam was a daughter of Ch. Well Bred Lady.
Her sire, a big winner, an historic old man,
This bitch just couldn't lose as Miss Fantastic Dam.

She came into season on schedule for me,
The vet said "all healthy," and I paid his fee.
The stud was tops and asked for a lot,
"It's worth it," I thought, though my bank roll was shot.

The shipping was high - she went to L.A.
She went to the vet the very next day.
Her smear told "not ready" for four days, they said,
So she sat in the kennel until she was bred.

Shipped home with a bill, I asked, "What for?"
Why, for pickup and boarding, and vet bill and more.
I paid it, though I hadn't planned on the rate.
"It's worth it," I thought, "for a litter of greats"

For weeks we went back and forth to the vet,
For checkups to be sure that it was all set.
She grew fat and heavy, but complained not a peep,
As I paid for supplements that surely weren't cheap.

Her whelping was easy, no problems there.
The vet looked at each and handled with care.
"Dewclaws off in three days, Come back then."
I took out my checkbook and he lent me his pen.

Dewclaws removed, it wasn't much a deal,
Just a quick cut and suture and a little squeal.
None got infected and the cost was low,
So much more trouble if you just let them grow.

No more free time, I found as a "Mother."
"It's worth it," for I wouldn't have any other.
The puppies are lovely, they're just what I sought.
I'll make back all I've spent as soon as they're bought.

The puppies grew older, shots and food were a need.
"It's worth it," said I as I taught them to feed.
Cleanup more often, the smell was not great.
I installed a new run and a puppy proof gate.

The dam's breeder gets a puppy; one, too I would get.
That leaves three to sell for my debt.
One is too big, that's surely not good,
Another's head is all wrong, so he may be a dud.

The last looks okay, but her bite may not be sound,
It may get better, but that's something I doubt.
The sales are all made, but someone backs out.
A new buyer is found, I'm so glad I could shout!

My bitch is a wreck, can't be shown for a year,
My new puppy's good, except for that ear.
"Was it worth it," say I, "can I really assert?"
How much did I make? I lost my shirt!

~~by Lucy M. Rowland, MS, MLS
Head, Science Collections & Branch Services
University of Georgia Libraries


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