The Canine Collection of Poems

Behind This Kennel Door

As a pup I dreamed and wondered
What life would hold in store.
For ME, I thought, there's something Great!
Beyond that kennel door.

Out there are needy people
And I have much to give:
Love, and wit, and gentleness
To help them learn to live.

I'd be someone's protector,
Keep little ones from harm,
Or guide an old man's weary steps,
Or help to run a farm.

I'd run and bark and jump and play
With friends along a sandy shore.
I'd roll in meadows thick and green
That lie beyond that kennel door.

I'd lay there waiting -- longing --
As the days and years went by.
My owner kept me fed and brushed,
But inside, he let me die.

I do not think of greatness now.
I'm old and filled with pain,
My owner has some ribbons,
But I have lived in vain.

I cannot think what could have been,
My dreams are filled with hope no more,
Just floor and walls and broken heart
Behind this kennel door.


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