The Canine Collection of Poems

A Light Lost

You were frightened, but you wanted to love.
You distrusted, but there were moments when - almost - you would rest your head.
You were always on guard, but you dreamed of learning to play.
You knew no one would protect you, but there were thoughts, or memories, of having a friend.
And we wanted to rescue you, to let you know you were safe.
If we had stroked your lovely coat just one more time.....
If we had run with you just a little faster, or more often, in the grass..... Then maybe you would have been able to believe.

We will never know if we failed you, or if life had failed you too harshly before we met.
We will not know if you heard us and couldn't answer, or if you had lost the power to hear before we spoke.
We cannot know if you will forgive and wait for us at the Bridge, But we know that we will look for you.
You, also, are one of ours -- and we loved you as best we could.

by Elizabeth Sommers

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