The Canine Collection of Poems
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proper credit can be given.

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For Katrina Pets

For the Dog that Chose to Sit and Stay

A Living Love
A Day in the Life of a Young Dog
A Dog's Best Friend
A Dog's Prayer (1)
A Dog's Prayer (2)
A Dog Owners Prayer
A Dog Sits Waiting
A Dog's Soul
A Dumped Dog's Prayer
A Foster Dog Poem
A GreYhound's Prayer
A Light Lost
A Little Dog Angel
A Little Pug's Prayer
A Pet's Love
A Pet's Prayer
A Rescuer's Creed
A Rosebud
A Special Breed
A Wish
A Wolf Story
All Alone (a chained dog's prayer)
Almost as Good as Your Dog
Alone Again
Am I Famous Now?
Aptly Named
Are You Really The Super Being?
Basic Rules For Dogs
Behind This Kennel Door
Behind the Wire
Bet You Can't Own Just One...
Bye Baby
Canine Bill of Rights
Dedicated to People in Rescue
Dear God...
Dinah in Heaven
Dog Chose Man
Dog Property Laws
Doggie Pledge
Do I Go Home Today?
Dogs Who've Shared our Lives
Dogs Live in this House
English Dogs to Southern Dawgs
Eternal Sleep
For Sale to A Good Home
God and Dog
God made DOG
God's Garden
Goodbye to Momma
Grow Old With Dogs
Happy Dog's Prayer
Heaven's Doggie Door
Hello, Grooming Shop???
Here in this house...
His Name is Sam
How Could You?
How Much Did I Make?
I Am an Animal Rescuer
I Found Your Dog Today
I Have Done Something
I Saw an Angel
I Stood by Your Bed last Night
I Want To Be A Whippet
I Wanted You to Know...
I Wonder...
If It Should Be
It's A Dog's Life
Is He The One?
Just A Dog
Just My Dog
Lament of A Lady Who's Gone to the dogs
Lend Me a Pup
Letter to God
Life With A Wire fox Terrier
Listen With Your Heart
Little Pieces (for those who foster)
Lonely Dog
May I Go?
Member of the Family
Memorial for Boopsie and her brother
The Messenger
My Dog and His Love
My Dogs Live Here
My Foster Dog is Beautiful
My Gift to Jesus
My Master & I
New Puppy
New Lamps for Old
No Farewell's
Old Blanket
Old Dog in a Locket
Once I was a Lonely Dog
One Dogs Life
Pet Prayers
Pet Store Puppy
Prayer of a Stray
Rescue Angel
Rescue Me
Rescue Me Please
Rescued Hearts
Remembering Our Past Pets...
Request from Rainbow Bridge
Rockford 19 Memorial
Second Dog
Second Hand Dog
She's Not Going Back!
Supplication of the Black Aberdeen
10 Commandments of a Responsible Pet Owner
10 Worst Reasons Not to Spay and Neuter
Thank You For Not Loving Her
The Best Breed
The Dog's Cold Nose
The Dream

The Gift of a Pet
The Greyhound
The Journey
The Last Journey
The Last Will & Testament of an Extremely Loved Dog
The Life of a Pup
The Light of Hope
The Little Dogs Day
The New Foster
The Old Dog
The Old Ones
The Power of The Dog

The Rescue Dog by Geraldine Rankin, DVM
The Rescue Dog
The Rescuer's Quilt
The Retired Show Dog
The Unwritten Rules of Dog Showing
The Vet
The Veteran Dog
The Working Dog
There's A Ridgeback In My Bed
Today I Made a Difference
Treasured Friend
Tribute To a Puppy Mill Puppy
Trust - A Deadly disease
Thy Servant...A Dog
What Am I To You?
When The Time Comes
Where to Bury a Dog
Written From the Heart
Why a Wire?
Why the Dog Has a Wet Nose
Yes, I Am A Show Dog!
You Know You're A Dog Person When...

The Rainbow Bridge Poems

Christmas Poems

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