The Doggie Humor Collection

Top 10 reasons this may be a bad adoption application:

1. It is filled out with a crayon

2. The home and work phone number is the same, a pay phone at a truck stop

3. The family lives in a trailer. Not a mobile home - a trailer

4. The applicant's name is Eric Rudolph and you can't find him to do a home check, even with the help of the FBI

5. She wants "one of them boy wiener dogs" to breed with.

6. She wants a red smooth girl, under 2 years old, but not a puppy, that likes cats, kids and other dogs, is housebroken and named Heidi. You have one, but the dog is too red and clashes with the sofa.

7. She doesn't have any money for the adoption fee and wants to give us 200 pounds of government cheese instead

8. While doing the home check, you are involved in a drug raid and strip searched by the police

9. The day after the home check you see the applicant on "America's Most Wanted"

10. And the 10th reason this may not be a good application is the sign in the front yard, "Puppies for sale - Food or Pet"

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