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Toe Cancer

Giant Lovers This Is Important: Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we took Mosby to Colorado State University Thurs. to have his toe removed, the oncologist we saw specialized in Toe Cancer in Giants!!!! Could not believe it! His name is Dr. Dennis Macy. He also has a practice in Las Vegas. If I were you and suspected toe cancer in your Giant and your own vet is not familiar with it, I would have him/her contact Dr. Macy. I mentioned to him that not many vets around the country seem to know about toe cancer and he said that very FEW vets know about it because it is strictly a Giant's disease except for once in a while a lab will get it. He is keeping records on it. It has increased a lot over the last 10 years. They have not been able to trace it to any specific blood lines and he said most breeders are not very forthcoming with info on it. He said it is genetic. NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT PART. He said every Giant owner should mark the date on their calanders and EVERY MONTH CHECK THEIR GIANT'S TOES BY PINCHING THE NAIL AT THE POINT WHERE IT JOINS THE FOOT. EVERY SINGLE NAIL ON EVERY SINGLE TOE AND BE SURE THAT YOU DO IT WHERE THE TOE NAIL JOINS THE FOOT. IF THERE IS A REACTION (PAIN) - GET TO A VET IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! I know I am "yelling & shouting" but I want every Giant owner in the world to know this. Please tell everyone you know. Dr. Macy said that TOE CANCER CELLS DOUBLE EVERY 2 TO 12 DAYS IN A GIANT!!! SO YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY IF YOU SUSPECT ANYTHING. Please trust me on this info. This vet knows, from vast experience with Giants, what he is talking about. Mosby actually had his operation on Fri. and came home Fri. night. The cancer had attacked the bone and we noticed the bad nail at the beginning of Sept. That is how quickly it had spread. It was treated as an infection after all the tests on Sept. 9th. The easier to read tests came in good within 48 hours. The actual biopsy didn't come in for a number of days and it only looked slightly suspicious. When our vet examined him again, he was certain it was cancer and that is when he sent us to CSU. Mosby's swollen lymph node/gland on the inside of the same leg turned out to be a reaction to the cancer but not cancerous itself. Thank God. They took his toe off at the foot to be sure. We will get the pathology lab results on the toe this coming week. They took pictures of the whole thing and Mosby will be added to the medical statistics on toe cancer in Giants. This is good. I feel that everyone should fill out the Health Survey on Giants to help with the research in this area and others that are common to Giants. The specialists in this field need to know as much as possible about this sickening disease that affects our kids. Then maybe they can do something about it earlier and more effectively. Good ole' Mose who bounces back from near-death experiences like nothing has happened, is as good as new (as far as he is concerned). Jumping up on the counters, jumping on and off the beds. We try to stop him and help him when he does these things but you know Giants, he absolutely has a mind of his own. He's nuts! We took him to our Giants Day Out for a little while today because he is feeling so good and he couldn't possibly miss his big social event of the year. Just loves and socializes with everyone. He also loves vets and they adore him. He is an excellent patient. We used to think he was a hypochondriac but now we know that his goal in life is to become a professional patient. All that attention. Like he isn't the center of attention at home. What a character! We keep telling him that we could have the top champion Giant in the world for all the money we have spent on him. He just gives us that Giant chuckle. He knows who loves him. Thank you all for your concern for The Mose. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Mosby seems to be tough. This is the third time we have almost lost him to a life threatening illness. You have always been so supportive and you are the only ones I want to talk to during Mosby's crises. You love them and you understand the pain we feel when something bad happens to them. I have to keep asking you to keep him in your thoughts for just a little longer. We need a good report on the path lab tests. SOG, Pat & Mosby (who firmly believes in Save Our Giants - over and over again) When I started signing my posts SOG, I meant our Rescues. Now it applies to all of our Giants in all cases. ************************** My Giant had toe cancer and we took him to Dr. Macey at Colorado State University. He is an expert on this subject. Mosby had 3 digits removed too, just to be sure they got it all. Mosby is fine now. HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART. Dr. Macey said to pinch all the toe nails up where they meet the toes on your dog once a week. He said if there is a reaction from your dog on any of the toes that you pinch, have the dog checked out by a Vet who is familiar with toe cancer. He said that there are not too many Vets around the country who are familiar with toe cancer. Dr. Macey said that the pinching with a reaction from your dog could be the first sign of the problem, even before the toe nail splits. The faster you catch it the better, of course. Dr. Macey at Colorado State University Vet School would be good to have your Vet contact. He has been making a study of it and is an expert on the subject. *********************** To all our fellow Giant lovers, Well, Larry and I are very sad today. We will take our Mosby to have his toe amputated this morning. As some of you know, toe cancer has been a personal "cause" of mine because a lot of Giant owners have had it sneak up on them without being aware of its existance. And some of the vets (too many IMO) are not aware of it as well. Consequently, it is not treated correctly or in a timely manner and you know the rest. It is so damn heartbreaking. I am going to repeat the hideous story of toe cancer in our Giants because I want every Giant owner to know it well. For those of you who already know about it, you don't have to read any further. For those of you who don't, please read it. Unfortunately, you need to know about this killer of our kids and how to catch it early so something can be done about it. It typically shows up as a broken or split toe nail. Seems like a small thing and I am sure sometimes it could be. BUT DON'T LET IT GO BY. It is a small vet bill to get it checked. Then there is the vet him/herself. They MUST be aware of the serious possibilities involved. Unfortunately too many of them are just not familiar with toe cancer. I know this for a fact. Personal Giant friends of mine have run into this and have lost their babies due to the ignorance in this area. Too many of our Giants have been lost this way. The vet will, unknowingly, think it is just a bad toe nail or an infection or even (as in one case I know personally) remove small sections of the nail or even the toe at a time. That is the worst case I have heard of. At this point, the Giant will start limping. The limping was the first sign we noticed and then we checked the toe nail and it was split. We took Mosby to the vet immediately. We are very fortunate to have an excellent vet who is so knowledgable and so caring that he has already saved Mosby's life on two different occasions concerning two separate illnesses. He treated it as a toe infection first but only for one week. He was familiar with toe cancer but wanted to rule out infection first. One week later he took blood samples, aspirated the toe and the swollen lymph node in the inside of the same leg (the swelling of the lymph node does not always happen), x-rayed Mosby's lungs and foot and took a biopsy of the toe. He was very thorough. He told us that for some reason cancer cells do not seem to go into the aspirations but they would show up in the biopsy. The biopsyed toe was bandaged afterwards and did not seem to bother Mosby at all. Our vet sent everything out to the labs. Everything came back with good results except the biopsy. That showed cancer. Sometimes a vet will just do the other tests first, and not the biopsy, to be more conservative. Then they do the biopsy later. What good would that have done in our case? And wouldn't the cancer have been missed since the other test results showed everything was fine? In the meantime, Mosby's toe has swollen to a freakish size. That does not seem to happen as much. In the majority of the cases I have heard about, the toe does not swell at all. That is Mosby's story up to this point. And, yes, I am crying as I write this. Please don't let this happen to your babies. Just be aware. Kindly keep The Mose in your thoughts. Thank you. SOG, Pat